E3 DS3 to Ethernet Converter

E3 to Ethernet Converter

E3 DS3 to Ethernet Converter

IC-E3T3L is a converter that uses E3 or T3/DS3 line to transmit Ethernet data for the purpose of extending transmission distance and expanding applicable range of Ethernet. It is developed with ASIC circuitry design technology. This converter provide a simple and effective connection between E3/T3 services and 10/100BaseT. It fully makes use of the E3/T3 link bandwidth without the consumption of ATM technology.

IC-E3T3L can be transmited Ethernet/IP services based on SDH / SONET network. It can be easily connected with 10/100BaseT port on the router. It’s easy to use without any settings

There are rich indicators on the front panel to display working status and alarm signals.

IC-E3T3L Ethernet UTP port meet IEEE 802.3/IEEE 802.3u, and has the function of VLAN 802.1 Q.

IC-E3T3L  LOS (Loss-of-Signal) comply with ANSI T1.231 and ITU G.775 requirements.

E3 rates 34.368Mbps,E3 35M to ethernet

DS3 rates 44.736Mbps,DS3 45m to ethernet