TDM over IP

TOIP-E1 support MAX 16E1 ports,TOIP-1E1 is one E1 port over IP,TOIP-2E1 is two E1 ports over IP,TOIP-4E1 is four E1 ports over IP,TOIP-8E1 is 8 E1 ports over IP,TOIP-16E1 is 16 E1 ports over IP.

TOIP-E1 is mainly used to transmit voice signal over IP network. It has 1-16 E1 interface, 3 local Ethernet port and 1 uplink Ethernet port. TOIP-E1 can connect TDM device and user’s Ethernet seamlessly and reliably on the standard low cost wireless or lineate Ethernet/IP configuration, without affecting the voice quantity. Being transparent to the TDM signal, this model assures connecting to physical E1 interface of any device seamlessly, such as PBX, mobile base station, SS7 signaling device and voice mail system. It can be used in the communication system based on E1, such as LAN, WAN, MAN and wireless network.

Providing emulation E1 channel through Ethernet, the difficulty is rebuilding timing information of E1 code stream effectively at the exit of network. The special disadvantages of Ethernet itself, such as random packet delay, without effective timing transmit mechanism, transmission error or collision that brings on packet lose, must be conquered. Our company resolves the difficulties above faultlessly through availing ourselves of technical advantage and adapting advanced clock disposal technology. TOIP-E1 encapsulates the date of E1 code stream to the packet and transmits it to the remote device through Ethernet. This model has two method of encapsulation for optional: Ethernet encapsulation simplicity and UDP/IP protocol encapsulation. The former is suit for the connection of the same Ethernet subnet, because it has high encapsulation efficient especially suited to the occasion of bandwidth intensity, such as interconnection based on the wireless network bridge.  But it can’t span router. The latter is suit for the inner net connection of IP net, with the advantage of making use of router or 3-layer switch. But the disadvantage is that the addition IP header needs extra bandwidth. When adapting 128B encapsulation, each E1 channel will take up 500kbps more than Ethernet encapsulation simplicity, with lower transmission efficiency. User can select different encapsulation type based on practical usage occasions.

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