STM-1 Optical Electrical Converter

STM-1 Optical Electrical Converter

STM-1 fiber to BNC modem

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STM-1 Optical Electrical Converter STM-1 fiber modem:SDH-EOC

STM-1 Optical/Electrical Converter



SDH-EOC is an interface converter for STM-1 electrical and optical interface conversion.
It is designed for the SDH equipment coaxial interface and optical interface interconnect,
as well as the ATM 155.520 Mbps interface and SDH device interconnection.
Complete loop-back facility is supported for system diagnostic and commissioning. Compact casing and simple operation achieve the cost saving and investment protected.
STM1-EOC is the use of ASIC circuitry design technology developed, STM-1/OC3 high-speed fiber-optic modem, transmit the transparent unframed 155.52Mbps electrical signals by fiber optic cable, expanding the STM-1/OC3 transmission distance.
STM1-EOC transmission characteristics comply with ITU-T G.703/813/958 STM-1 standard.
STM1-EOC transmission characteristics comply with Bellcore SONET GR-253 standard.
STM1-EOC no need to do any complex settings, using simple, easy to operate.
STM1-EOC with complete diagnostic capabilities, can perform local analog loopback and local digital loopback.
STM1-EOC optical interface supports SC/ST/FC optional; SM/MM optional; WDM or normal;
Transmission distance can be 2Km/20Km/40Km/60Km optional. The product is fully compliant with FCC Part 15 requirements.


High reliability, comply with ITU-T G.703 and G.957
Single Fiber Bi-Directional is selectable
State-of-the-art design, ensure normal working under different environment.
Supports local and remote loop-back on electrical or optical interface for system diagnostic.
Suitable for SDH and ATM 155.52 Mbps interface interconnection.
Simple operation and maintenance
Compact design and low power consumption.


Fiber optic modes: 8.3/125μm 8.7/125μm 9/125μm 10/125μm
single/multimode, single/double fiber
Transmission distance 2KM/20KM/40KM/60KM
Fiber optic interface: SC /FC/ST
Speed Rate 155.52Mbps
Transmission mode of code NRZ
Wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm optional
Transmitting electrical level: 0~6dBm
Receiving sensitivity: –36dBm
Decaying: 1310nm ;0.4dB/km,

1550nm ; 0.25dB/km

Electrical interface: STM1 Coax CMI (G.703)
Transmission mode: Synchronous
Speed Rate 155.52Mbps
Transmission mode of code CMI
Circuitry interface: BNC/75ohm;
Transmission Features: Conforms to G.703,G.813 and G.958
Test methods: Local analog loop back,

Local digital loop back.

Power supply: AC 220V±10%,50Hz

DC -48V ±15%

Power consumption: 5W
Dimension 240mm*215mm*50mm(L*W*H)
Weight 1Kg
Temperature 0~50℃
Hunidity 0-90%