SNMP chassis media converter

chassis fiber media converter

16 slots fiber media converter

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SNMP chassis fiber media converter:FMC-SNMP


chassis fiber media converter

Support WEB based management
Support SNMP management
Support Console management when emergency
Support TELNET
The software can be upgraded online via TFTP.

(1). Contents of system
The main contents of managed system is listed below :
1.Net manageable module
It is the key-unit of the system , used to collect the relational information from the media converters installed in the chassis , and manage the functions of media converters . It has one general 10/100M RJ45 port and one general RS232 console port .
2.Full range of Wintop manageable media converters or other manageable cards.
3.17 slots rack-mounted chassis
19 inch 1U rack-mount chassis , with 17 slots ,can support 1 pc Net manageable module and 16 pcs manageable media converters . Normally it will be installed in center ,so that the user can manage it easily . It has dual power supply ,support NMS function .The fans can be managed .
4.Manageable stand-alone media converters in remote end .

(2). Manageable functions over view
wView manageable system supports full range of standards such as HTTP,SNMP,TFTP,TELNET …etc .The system has proper interface for each .
1.Support WEB based management
Our manageable system supports the management based on WEB . It is easy to be understood and used ,no need install special software , so that it is easier for the users .
2.Support SNMP management
Fully support SNMP , the users can manage the relational devices via any operating system , such as HP-OpenView .
3.Support Console management when emergency
Support local command-string management via Console port , the users can manage the devices via other networks such as Telephone System , in case the Ethernet networks failed .
4.Support TELNET
5.The software can be upgraded online via TFTP.




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