16 ports FXO/FXS over E1 PCM multiplexing

16 ports FXO/FXS over E1 PCM Multiplexing

16 ports 2-WIRE 4WIRE E&M to E1 PCM multiplexer

16 ports voice channel PCM multiplexing

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16 Phone over E1 multiplexer,FXO/FXS E&M ETH PCM multiplexing:PCM-E16

PCM-E16 is point-to-point E1 multiplexing device developed based on special large scale integrated circuits.PCM-E16 PCM multiplexing has an alternative of 16 digital office phones and 1~4 serial data ports with perfect alarm functions, realizing SNMP management. The electric parts are all digital, high integration, low volume, convenient for maintenance. The device offers 16 channels voice+1 ETH, other functions are reserve.

01.Based on the independent intellectual property rights of the integrated circuit;
02.Whole veneer design;
03.Can monitor the opposite alarm status;
04.E1 is conformed with G.703,adopts fully digital clock recovery and smooth phase lock technology;
05.Provide 2 extensional ports that can extend various data channels, such as asynchronous data (RS232/RS485/RS422/Manchester), switching value, E1, voice or 2/4-wire audio.
06.1~16 voices access and support call indication;
07.Audio ports support FXO and FXS,FXO connected with switches,FXS with users’ phone;
08.Support SNMP management, and network management cascading (optional);
09.Can control local temperature and voltage;
10.Can monitor the opposite temperature and voltage,and set the threshold;
11.Power supply:AC220V、DC-48V;
12.More than 2~120km no relay transmission distance;

Technical Specification
E1 interface
Standard: conforms to G.703 standard.
Interface rate:N×64Kbps, N:1~32
Impedance:75Ω (unbalance), 120Ω (balance)
Connector: BNC (75Ω), RJ45 (120Ω)
Jitter Performance: according to G.742 and G.823
Clock: internal clock, line clock.

10/100Base-T port
Rate:10M/100M,full/half duplex self adapt
Protocol:support IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)
MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses
Ethernet Total Memory Sizes: 64MBits SDRAM
Physical interface:RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX(cross over and straight through self adapt)
FXS Telephone Port
Ring voltage: 75V
Ring frequency:25HZ
2 line input impedance:600Ω (hanging off)
Wastage: 40db

FXO Exchange Port
Ring detecting voltage:35V
Ring detecting frequency:17HZ-60HZ
2 line input impedance: 600Ω (hanging off)

2/4 wire E&M interface card
Channel quantity per card: 2
Standard referred to: ITU-T,REC,G.714
Transmit relative level: +3,0, -3dBr adjustable
Receive relative level: +3,0, +3dBr adjustable
Signaling mode: E&M
Interface impedance: 600Ω
Subscriber physical connector: RJ45

RS232 port
Rate:300-115.2Kbps auto-adaptable(Asynchronous)
Interface characteristic:Satisfies ITU-T V.24 standard

Standalone: 483(width)*252(depth)*44(height)mm

Working Condition
Input voltage:AC180V ~ 260V; DC-48V; DC+24V
Power consumption: ≤5W
Operating temperature:0°C ~ 50°C
Storing temperature:-40°C ~ +70°C
Relative humidity:95 %





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